Calling all graduates of the Class of 2020, you are invited to participate in the nation’s first Virtual Career Expo hosted by Dereja.

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After successfully completing the registration form, we will send you a confirmation email containing information on the pre-expo training as well as a list of employers that match your skills and interests. Once you receive the confirmation, you will need to prepare the following:

Before the expo

Advice to have phone and computer charged, being at a place with a stable internet connection, being in a quite room, getting ready for potential video interviews –no pyjama but professional outfit even if this is an online event.

Prepare CV

You must prepare a CV and bring some copies to distribute to the employer of choice. Your CV must be clean, edited, clear and concise. Please check out the sample of CV:

Search for Participating Organization

Conduct research of the participating organizations. Visit their websites and understand what the organization is about, in terms of their industry, what they are looking for and determine why they are the best fit for you. We highly discourage applying for any jobs or employer for the sake of employment. You must find your choice of employer and focus on it. The more focused you are, the more chance you have of securing employment. We will start listing participating organizations before the event so that you have time to review them.

Practice your pitch

Since you will not be able to meet with a representative of the organizations, you must prepare for a short discussion, maximum 10 minutes. Employers will ask you what you have studied, what is your career interest, what do you know about them and why you want to work for them. Be brief, clear and confident in your response. We recommend you practice interviewing with your friends before coming to the Career Expo. Remember, you want to leave a lasting impression on the employer. Ask yourself, “How will you stand out among many applicants.” What will you say so that employers will remember you?

Dress the Part

Although participating in a virtual career expo adds a sense of comfort, it is important to remain professional. Avoid wearing street-wear or pajamas, treat this expo like an in-person interview. Your appearance is the first thing an employer will notice about you, best to make that first impression count.

Prepare your Materials

All participants will be provided with a designated time slot to interact with employers, make sure you are well prepared beforehand. Charge your laptop, test your computers’ webcam and microphone, make sure you have a stable network connection. These are the three most important aspects of a virtual expo.

Space Matters

Another key aspect to consider when preparing for this expo is location. Your environment will impact your experience during this fair. Create a quiet and comforting space that allows you to focus, as well as calm your nerves. Dereja’s tips include: Make sure you are sitting in a chair with a desk, with no distractions or background noises. This will help you stay focused during your interviews.

During Expo

Organize Your Day

Since you will not have the chance to meet everyone, please select your choice from your own research or the match list provided during registration, and concentrate on those that fit your interest and qualifications. First, list the organizations you would like to meet. Keep in mind, you will have a limited time slot to network with employers, so plan accordingly. When it is your turn to meet a representative, introduce yourself and tell them why you are interested in their opportunities. Remember to be clear and concise in your response.

Be Professional

During the Expo you are introducing yourself to potential employers, therefore it is important to employ professionalism throughout the duration of your stay. This includes:

  • Time management: ensure that you arrive on time according to your allotted time slot on the given day. If you plan to attend any training and/or workshops make sure to arrive on time.
  • Communication: make sure to communicate with potential employers in a professional and respectful manner

After Expo

Follow-Up is Key

Make sure to reach out to all of the recruiters you spoke with, especially those looking to build their pipeline. Although they may not have vacant positions at the moment that will change and keeping contact makes you a viable candidate for future positions.

Keep Practicing

Continue to build your soft skills for future expos and interviews. Make sure to check in at our webpage: for more resources and future events.

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